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Thank you for considering Learning Aesthetics Academy (LAAcademy) for your training needs.  LAAcademy is in the business of assisting personal and corporate development, and below is information that will help support your decision to book a course with LAAcademy.

Our course booking policy includes:


  1. Booking a Course
  2. Paying for Courses
  3. Deposit/Admin Fee Policy
  4. Cancellation Policy
  5. After you have Booked
  6. Course Times and Restrictions
  7. Changes to our Policy and Pricing
  8. Changes to Advertised Staff
  9. What happens if LAAcademy Cancels a Course?
  10. What is included in LAAcademy Course Fees?
  11. What do participants expect to receive on LAAcademy Courses?
  12. Student Conduct on LAAcademy Courses
  13. Discounts and Offers on products or equipment Purchased on Course Days
  14. Subscribing to the LAAcademy Newsletter
  15. Hyper-links to other websites


If there are any additional questions that you wish to ask, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Course Advisers on 07712 276 216 during our normal administrative office hours, which are Monday – Friday – 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.


1. Booking a Course

When deciding to choose to study a course with LAAcademy, to ensure that the course is the right one for you our Course Advisers are there to help you!


It is important that the course is suitable for you and that you are suitable to study the course. To assist you, we require you to complete a formal application that includes personal and health details. All course attendees should have a good understanding of the English language and a reasonable level of mathematical comprehension in order to fully participate and successfully complete a course. This will allow LAAcademy Course Adviser’s to understand your individual needs and start a dialogue with you to help you with making an informed decision on the type of course that is ideal for you. The information is also required so that LAAcademy can accurately process your booking, send you booking and course commencement confirmation, together with further course information and any pre-course study that you may require. Some of the information will need to be shared with the awarding body that your course qualification(s) is issued from, such as VTCT.


You can be assured that any information that you provide to LAAcademy is essential for processing your course booking and will be maintained in the strictest confidence.


When you enquire, apply and pay for a LAAcademy course(s) you confirm that you are happy to receive marketing information from us regarding our services, products and equipment. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time by either clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails you receive or by calling a LAAcademy Course Adviser on 07712 276 216 during our normal administrative office hours, which are Monday – Friday – 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.


If you wish to amend any information you have provided to LAAcademy for the processing of your course booking, please call a Course Adviser on 07712 276 216 during our normal administrative office hours, which are Monday – Friday – 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.


2. Payment for Courses

If booking your course more than 28 calendar days before your course begins, to guarantee a place, you must either:


1. Pay the full fee for each course, which includes an admin fee (which is non-refundable and non-transferable to another course, and varies from course to course).
2. Pay the deposit/admin fee for each course (which is non-refundable and non-transferable to another course, and varies from course to course).  The remaining balance is payable before registration is completed and must be paid at least 28 calendar days prior to the start of the course(s).
3. Payment can be paid by debit/credit card (by phone), BACS or by PayPal (we can email you an invoice). Cheques are not accepted.


If booking between 28-0 calendar days prior to the course(s) commencing, the full fee for the course(s) must be paid to guarantee your place on each course. The full fee includes an admin fee, which is non-refundable and non-transferable to another course.


Full payment is to be made 28 days before the commencement of course(s). Until payment is received in full, final confirmation cannot be provided.


3. Deposit/Admin Fees Policy

Deposit/Admin fees (that is included in each course price) is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other course. Once you have paid your deposit, we will not refund it to you, unless LAAcademy has cancelled the course. For further information, please see In event that LAAcademy cancels coursesbelow.


4. Cancellation Policy

In the event of not being able to attend a course, course participants cannot transfer to other courses, they can only:


1. Cancel subject to our terms and conditions, or
2. Transfer their booking to a new participant, who is then subject to our terms and conditions.


A strict cancellation policy is applicable to all our courses and is as follows:


Notifications of cancellations are only valid if given to us in writing and will only be accepted if sent to us via-email (, or posted letter. Emails are preferred.


Cancellations received 28 calendar days or more before the commencement of the course – will not be refunded unless a medical certificate is produced or in the case of severe weather conditions stopping your attendance, in which case you will receive a full refund minus the admin fee, which is non-refundable and is non-transferable, unless LAAcademy cancel the course.


LAAcademy will not reimburse you for any travelling or accommodation expenses you may have incurred; we recommend that students who incur high travelling expenses to attend our courses obtain their own travel insurance or to contact the transport operator for a refund. In some cases, we may ask for further proof before issuing a refund. You must inform us in the case of severe weather on or before the course day that you are unable to attend by phoning our Course Administrators.


Please check your Course Information Sheet (which we sent out after you booked your place on a course) and then sent you out a follow up email.


If you cancel because of severe weather before the course day, please email us on


In the case of a medical reason for your cancellation you must supply us with a valid medical certificate within 14 days of the date of the course commencement date if you require a refund (minus the admin fee). However, in order to get your refund, you must still have informed us in writing of your non-attendance between 0-28 calendar days before the course date.


Whatever the reason for your inability to attend, your course place may be transferred to another person at no extra cost. It is your responsibility to find a replacement. We would prefer it if you told us about your replacement before the course begins. If this is not possible, then when your replacement registers at the course, they must tell us who they are replacing.


5. After you have Booked

Once that you have booked and paid a deposit for your LAAcademy course, an invoice will be sent out to you showing the total amount of the course selected, awarding body fees, any payments made and any remaining balances that are still payable to LAAcademy, plus any further joining details, including your training schedule, uniform or training kit order forms, etc.


If you require any further information or have questions about the course(s), please contact our Course Administrators by email through the LAAcademy website or direct at


6. Course Times and Restrictions

The LAAcademy course timetable is available upon our website, please note that course start and finish times may vary slightly according to course structure. (See ‘After you have Booked’)


There may be restrictions on some courses due to a student’s health condition(s), such as heart conditions, pregnancy, allergies, undergoing medical treatments or recent operations, etc., this means that part of the course application process there is a requirement for prospective students to complete a confidential health questionnaire. (See ‘Booking a Course’)


7.  Changes to our Policy and Prices

From time to time it may be necessary for LAAcademy to review and revise this policy. LAAcademy reserve the right to change our policy at any time without notice. Due to fluctuating prices of the global markets, LAAcademy’s training materials, products and equipment, and reserves the right to change prices without notice.


8.  Changes to advertised staff

LAAcademy reserve the right to change the course facilitator at any time without notice if we find it necessary to do so, even during the course day if there is an emergency. We may not have time to inform you prior to your arrival at the centre on the course day. You will not be refunded if you choose not to attend because of any changes in teaching staff.


Insurance after you have booked LAAcademy courses are insured for public liability through ABT. We recommend that students who incur travelling expenses to attend our courses obtain their own travel insurance.


9. What happens if LAAcademy Cancels the Course?

In the event that LAAcademy cancels a course, LAAcademy reserve the right to cancel any event or re-arrange course dates, times, and venues of the course if it becomes necessary to do so. Should we cancel the course, you would be notified as soon as possible and you will be given a full refund, including the deposit/admin fee. LAAcademy will not reimburse you for any travelling/accommodation expenses you may have incurred; we recommend that students who incur high travelling expenses to attend our courses obtain their own travel students.


10. What is included in LAAcademy Course Fees?

• All printed course materials, such as knowledge fact sheets, practical protocol instructions, client consultation sheets, assessment paperwork, assignment requirements, etc.;
• The use of LAAcademy equipment, linen and specialist products that you will use on the course training day(s);
• A LAAcademy Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Completion awaiting VTCT certificate


There are requirements for the course that are not included in the LAAcademy Course Fees, and these include:

• Professional uniform, either tunic with trousers/skirt or dress (colour TBC);
• Low heeled or flat leather foot wear;
• Products and materials for practicing manual techniques at home to develop practical skills can be purchased through LAAcademy;
• VTCT lifetime registration fee (£16);
• VTCT qualification registration fee which will vary due to the level of qualification and whether it is an award, certificate or diploma;
• Additional assessment fees, to meet individual needs for the successful completion of a qualification.


Please contact us for the current certification and assessments fees relating to the qualification(s) you wish to undertake.

11. What do participants expect to receive on LAAcademy courses?

All of LAAcademy courses are carefully designed to have a balance of theory, both tutor-led and self-study, together with practical hands-on experience, and receive comprehensive course fact sheets that underpins each topic and supports the practical aspect too. LAAcademy’s highly qualified and experienced experts will demonstrate precise techniques of each treatment protocol and each student has the opportunity to participate by performing and receiving each one, giving an ‘all-around’ experience with the psychological aspect from the client’s point of view.


LAAcademy has partnered with VTCT and has accreditation to provide Level 2 up to Level 4 qualifications in Beauty, Aesthetic and Spa Therapies that are recognised throughout the world. The structure of these qualifications will include the development of a portfolio of evidence that is formed through assessment days, case studies and attendance to VTCT’s quality assurance days at your centre.


It is the responsibility of each student to supply their own models for their practical assessments, unless stated otherwise, including the VTCT quality assurance day where the VTCT External Quality Assurer will designate the treatment protocol that will need to demonstrate by you to your assessor as part of your assessment portfolio.


All LAAcademy accredited courses are classed as CPD (Continuous Professional Development), once a course is completed then you will be able to use the course to build up your CPD points, as required by many professional membership bodies/associations, so please refer to these organisations for details of the CPD points awarded and required.


12.  Student Conduct on LAAcademy Courses

We want all LAAcademy’s course participants to have a happy and productive experience on our training days and so we ask all students to be respectful of each other, the teaching and support staff as well as the schedule for the day.

You must remember you are responsible for your own behaviour and the effect it may have on others. If you or any member of your company/team is abusive, disruptive or behaves in a way which, in our reasonable opinion, could cause damage or injury to others or affect their enjoyment or full participation in the course, or which could damage property, we have the right to ask you or any member of your company/team to leave a course, and possibly refuse entry into any further course.

LAAcademy reserves the right to refuse a customer entry to any of our courses or ask a student to leave a course that is in progress. If this happens we will have no further obligations or liability to you. In any of these situations, LAAcademy will not be liable for any other fees such as travel costs, accommodation costs or any other costs or losses.


13. Discounts and Offers for products or equipment Purchased on course days

LAAcademy offers special attendee discounts on related products or equipment that you have the opportunity to purchase whilst on your course and within 10 days following the date of your course attendance.


Speak to your designated Course Tutor  for more information on the course day(s).


14. Subscribing to the LAAcademy Newsletter

You can subscribe to the LAAcademy Newsletter when you make a course enquiry, course booking or via the form on the LAAcademy website’s Home Page.


In order to subscribe to our Newsletter,  you are required to enter your name and email address and then click the subscribe button. You will then receive an email requesting you to confirm your subscription and in order to receive our Newsletter you must confirm your subscription, to do this, please follow the instructions in the email. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in emails you receive.


By Subscribing to the LAAcademy Newsletter, please note that we collect:


• Your Name;
• Your Email address;
• Your mobile or contact number; and
• Your IP address.


15. Hyper-links to other websites

LAAcademy’s website may contain links to other websites that we feel you may find of interest.


However, once you have clicked on these web-links you will leave the LAAcademy’s website; you should note that we do not have any control over any other website. In this case, we cannot, therefore, be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which you provide whilst visiting such sites, and these sites are not governed by this privacy statement.


Please take care when visiting any other website and check their privacy policy statement before supplying any personal information on their website.