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OSH for men

Kaia REVEAL – OSH for Men


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Skin care for men is as important as it is for women.

Skin health and maintenance of the skin’s natural acid mantle, with its balance between lubricant and hydration.  To maintain this having the correct products that carry out the performance that your skin requires for this to happen is crucial.

OSH have formulated an active product that helps to prepare your skin for shaving, but also helps to illuminate unsightly blemishes and congestion that is so often associated with the male skin, due to effects of shaving.  With a gentle but effective exfoliating action that helps to remove the dead skin cells of the stratum disjunctivum (the very outer layer of the epidermis), it helps to prevent pore blockage, which on a skin that is continually shaved, can cause abrasions and trauma to the skin that results in inflammation and even unsightly folliculitis.

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For your skin always PREPARE and PROTECT to deliver a healthy skin.