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This is a VTCT Level 2 Assessment Day for students to book and attend, with consultation with their tutors, and it will be commencing in October at our Reigate, Surrey centre.  It will cover either summative or formative assessments as planned during your last progress review with your tutor to enable you to progress to the assessment stage of your individual course programme and will include the treatment area that has been agreed to.  If at the assessment stage you must have completed adequate work, either as course work, assignments or case studies to enable you to progress to assessment. If attending a course with multiple disciplines, you may find that you are only able to be assessed at the units that you have completed the work required, so may have to attend a variety of assessment days to complete all practical and theory assessments to gain your final qualification.

assessment day

You will require a model for this Assessment Day session who has agreed to participate in the treatment area that has been agreed to and will be required to complete a consultation and ‘Select Model’ disclaimer form prior to commencement to the Assessment Day session.  Discuss this with your tutor or a course adviser.

Please be aware that the assessor on the day may not be the same beauty professional as the person who has been your tutor during your course, this will be intentional, as this is part of the LAAcademy quality assurance procedure to ensure that you are receiving the required quality of training set by the LAAcademy and that you are performing up to the national standards as set out in your VTCT Logbook.

Each LAAcademy course programme has a designated assessment period, which is paid for within the course pricing; some students require more assessment than others, due to personal reasons, and additional assessment days can be purchased.


  • FEES

Practical Assessment Day:

  • You are required to exhibit professional salon presentation
    • beauty uniform
    • hair away from face/work area
    • correct footwear
    • little or no jewellery
    • short, neat nails
    • light make-up
  • You will need to provide you training kit and a pen
  • You required to provide your VTCT Lifetime Registration number for your assessor
  • You required to give your assessor access to your VTCT qualification Logbook

Theory Assessment Days:

  • You will be required to provide a black pen and a pencil
  • You required to provide your VTCT Lifetime Registration number for your assessor
  • Duration:  9.30 am – 4.30 pm (unless specified differently)
  • All assessments start at 9.30 am (candidates need to be at the centre 30 minutes prior to assessment start times)
  • Once the Assessment Day commences there needs to be a professional environment in the centre, giving the ambiance of a working salon or spa
  • Anyone not conforming to the centre’s guidance for the assessment day environment will be removed so they do not effect other candidates assessments, and their own assessment will cancelled
  • You will be allocated a time for you assessment to commence and finish to meet salon required timings
  • Every candidate wants to progress and would like every assessment to count towards their qualification – you will be advised as to the  category of assessment you will have completed at the end of the assessment, with constructive feedback and guidance provided
  • There are some instances where there may be additional personnel in the centre as well as your assessor, such as the IQA and/or the EQA (see below)

Roles of personnel at the centre on assessment days:

All candidates will require to have their work verified by the LAAcademy’s Internal Quality Assurer (IQA), who is there to ensure that the standards within each centre is consistent, plus they also verify the performance of your assessor too!  The awarding body that LAAcademy is approved to offer recognised qualifications from is VTCT and to ensure that LAAcademy is working to nationally recognised standards and their guidelines, they send out their External Quality Assurer (EQA) on occasion to ensure that LAAcademy’s IQA and assessors comply to these standards and guidelines, and conform to their policies.

Your assessor is there to assess the demonstration of your skills and comparing them to the national standards, and from this the assessor is able to make a decision on whether you pass or need more practice.  Some practical assessments are known as ‘formative’ and these assessments are there to help you develop and form your skills and you need more practice to meet the required standards; whereas ‘summative’ assessments are when you are demonstrating professionalism in your skills and are able to perform a treatment independently whilst meeting the national standards and salon timing requirements – this is when you are developing into an employable therapist.

There are occasions when you may be required to attend an assessment day, which you had not planned, and you MUST ATTEND if you have been selected by the EQA, so is not controlled by LAAcademy.  Failure to comply with this attendance requirement may jeopardise your course qualification, unless an exceptional circumstance prevents attendance. In this case, evidence is required for your non-participation.

  • You will receive a progress review with your tutor to discuss and plan your progress and your individual assessment requirements
  • Please check out our Course Calendar for the next available course dates
  • VISIT the LA Academy FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see what’s happening!
  • Each individual course has allocated assessments days, so you need to discuss with your tutor whether you are ready for an assessment;
  • Additional assessments days can be purchased at £150 per day / £85 per half day